A curved-space infinite-arena shooter with novel weapon trade-off mechanics.

Currently in early but active development, I’ll be running playtests throughout the summer to make sure Bounds is a bonkers but balanced twin-stick blast. Release is targeted for Autumn 2017.

This page contains screenshots and videos that show the current state of the game. Although this page is not a press-kit as such, feel free to repost any of this content for media purposes. I only ask that you let me know so I can keep track and share links. A proper press-kit will be available nearer to release. Contact me (easiest via Twitter, I’m never far away) if you’d like further information or content.



Current Version

  • Recently reworked the spawn system to support different spawn modes
    • Single spawns form single hex portals
    • Multi-celled portals for larger enemy types
    • Multiple simultaneous sub-spawns from a single portal for small enemies
    • Keep portals open and repeat spawns over time
  • Optimisation
    • Now able to support roughly 10x more enemies simultaneously
  • Four enemy types
    • Designs for more, to follow
  • All gameplay systems are now in place
    • The actual twin-stick combat works a treat
    • Score multiplier increases with enemies killed
    • Bullet-time and bomb special weapon – using them saps multiplier
    • Gain bonuses with score: upgrade your gun or save for extra lives
  • Curved-space projection works well including out-of-plane particle effects
  • The HUD is all temporary, just to provide developer feedback
  • Audio code is coming on but all actual sound effects are placeholders


Last updated 16th May 2017